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Machine Learning Workshops 

Laura Carter-Greaves introduces us to the basic principles of Machine Learning and its applications.

(Part A) Jordan Lindsay presents “A Machine Learning Approach to Metallogenesis – Precious Metal abundances in Mantle Plumes”.

(Part B) Dr Chris Yeomans presents “Friend or foe? Accuracy and Bias in Machine Learning”.

Dr Saptarshi Das presents “Geophysical Inversion Techniques with a detailed look at Microseismic event detection using machine learning and bayesian inference”.

Prof. Hylke Glass and Dr. Klaas Peter van der Wielen present machine learning in mineral processing techniques.


Prof. Simon Willcock looks at applying machine learning to environmental data, with an introduction by Alice Bird from the South West Centre in Satellite Applications.

Introduction to Big Data Videos

(Part A) Laura Carter-Greaves presents “Demystifying Big Data”, with a short introduction to ‘Big Data’ and how it relates to AI/ML and Data Science, along with an overview of Big Data technologies and ecosystems.

(Part B) Esa Mattila from Sandvik mining and rock technologies presents “Leveraging Big Data for Smart Maintenance and Mining Equipment Performance.