The Deep Digital Cornwall Data Hub

The Deep Digital Cornwall Hub hosts a state-of-the-art Virtalis-GeoVisonary immersive technology environment with specialist computer hardware, software and datasets for use and exploration by regional SMEs.

This environment enables the visualisation of multiple layers of complex datasets in 3D and 4D (subsurface, surface and satellite), providing regional SMEs with myriad new research and innovation opportunities related to the underground environment of Cornwall and beyond.

The hub is guided by university specialists, industry and public sector collaborators, researchers and business development specialists, building on years of academic and commercial research knowledge. The facility provides organisations with:

  • A physical hub for SMEs to explore open access and licensed datasets (including many relating to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly)
  • A platform for SMEs to import, interrogate and extract maximum value from their own data alongside specialist support
  • A state-of-the art 3D and 4D data visualisation suite enabling SMEs to explore their data and innovative ideas in real-time and with immersive technologies
  • Advanced software packages, powerful hardware and computing infrastructure
  • Expert knowledge and research assistance from specialists across the DDC project partners
  • Training sessions with the DDC team