Cornish Lithium

Sep 20, 2022

Cornish Lithium have had a long-standing relationship with Camborne School of Mines and were approached to join the consortium at its inception by Prof. Frances Wall.

Cornish Lithium have hired a full-time DDC-funded Data Scientist, Fred Jackson, to work on dataset enhancement. We also allocate geologists to collaborative projects based on their expertise and experience.

Cornish Lithium has reprocessed regional magnetic survey data, and a dataset of groundwater springs determined from machine-learning analysis of archival maps. Currently under development is further digitisation of the Rio Tinto Zinc archival document collection, which will include optical character recognition as well as contextual object recognition using neural networks.

As of June 2022, Cornish Lithium has provided knowledge and expertise to eight DDC grant-funded collaborative R&D projects with local businesses. They have assisted with data management and plans for geophysical data collection and have also been involved with DDC events, assisting with logistics as well as presenting our own work and forming collaborations.

During the remainder of the project, Cornish Lithium will continue to generate new datasets, as well as enhance existing datasets by developing data science toolsets. Together with DDC and other delivery partners Cornish Lithium will engage in further regional geophysical data acquisition.

DDC will host a valuable regional archive of data for future mineral exploration and the companies involved in such operations. These data will continue to be available after the project and the identification of funding streams to secure the DDC visualisation facility in the future is a high priority.

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