3D Mine Surveying International

Sep 20, 2022

Dataset integration for joint laser scan and sonar surveying

This successful project has assisted a local business, 3D Mine Surveying International (3DMSI) to develop a new data service product ‘Hydrographic Information Modelling’.

Through a Deep Digital Cornwall (DDC) £5k Innovation Voucher, 3DMSI have been able to purchase new software which they have used to develop a Scan to BIM service integrating above and below waterline 3D point clouds from multiple advanced sensor technologies.

The work was originally tested at Penzance Dry Dock in September 2021 as part of 3DMSI’s research funded by DDC. This demonstration and case study has directly led to further contracts for 3DMSI both at Penzance Dry Dock and from a large Ministry of Defence client.

The DDC assistance has directly increased 3DMSI’s competitiveness as a local business by allowing them to streamline their proof of concept data processing service into a functional data product.

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